Webinar 1: Are the SDGs fit for purpose?

The SDG Conundrum: Everyone talks about them. Most companies say they are doing something. The logos look great. But are they relevant to your company, or to investors, or not? What’s the use-case?
Hear from peers and investors.



Webinar 2: ESG and financial instruments

Dear Company, the fruits of your hard labour to achieve high ESG ratings and index placings will be rewarded with capital on favourable terms. And your green projects can be clearly financed through the capital markets in green bonds and related products.
In this webinar you find out how.



Teach-in on ESG Investment policies followed by Q&A session.

The direction of society is changing. Responsible investing is a minimum for investors. But how can you keep track of all the ESG investment styles in the market, what they are and what they mean?
This webinar will teach you what you need to know.

watch webinarwatch Q & A

Webinars 4 & 5: A climate accounting and reporting 2-parter


Part 1: New climate reporting and accounting requirements

Accounting for climate change is changing: guidance from the International Accounting Standards Board, direction from auditors and regulators, and demands from investors are changing the way that CO2 emissions should be looked at and presented in the company accounts: find out how this is going to impact the way companies think about climate in their CapEx, planning and strategy.



Part 2: Climate scenarios under the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)

Companies are increasingly signing up to the Mark Carney/G20-led TCFD, but how should TCFD scenario planning best be approached by companies, and what’s needed to do it competently? What are regulators requiring? And how are investors evaluating and using company TCFD scenario planning?



Webinar 6: The Path to Net-Zero: A case study

The speed at which society is moving towards a Net Zero state and away from coal, oil and gas is increasing but what is the path to net zero? A case study with a company.



Adani Group’s new coal projects: why and how investors need to act

How can investors get past the greenwash and properly assess whether a company’s claims of transition are real?



Webinar 7: How can batteries enable a sustainable transition to a greener economy?

The battery value chain is one of the major near-term drivers to realise the 2°C Paris Agreement goal in the transport and power sectors, setting course towards achieving the 1.5°C goal if complemented with other technologies and collaborative efforts. This webinar will explore how batteries are a core technology in the transition to a greener and a more circular economy.



Webinar 8: Post COP26 Reflections: Can the Real Estate industry unlock the solutions needed for climate mitigation?

As demand rises for green-focused buildings, the real estate industry has a critical role to play in climate mitigation and sustainable development. Post COP26, this webinar will explore the challenges to upgrade buildings and retrofit, deliver and fund greener buildings while also meeting net zero targets.



Webinar 9: Stakeholder Capitalism and Corporate Purpose

Who are company stakeholders these days, and how should good companies serve them, and why, and what are the results of it if they do? Is technology changing stakeholder engagement? And what do investors think about corporate ‘stakeholders’ as opposed to ‘shareholders’? Join this session to find out.