Companies are increasingly supporting the TCFD as a leading disclosure framework but reporting is merely the outcome of internal efforts to measure and manage climate-related risk. How should climate scenario analysis be implemented by companies and how can they act on the results?

In this session, we will explore net-zero targets and what constitutes a strong target according to three dimensions: relevance, ambition, and confidence level.


Lindsay Patrick, Head of Strategic Initiatives and ESG, RBC Capital Markets

Lindsay Patrick is Managing Director and Head of Strategic Initiatives and ESG at RBC  Capital Markets. She leads the Sustainable Finance Group. Lindsay is also responsible for the advancement of the RBC Capital  Markets’ business strategy, supporting the firm’s overall growth and performance ambitions. Lindsay has two decades experience in investment banking, spanning trading floors across North America,  Europe, Australia and Asia.

David Lunsford, Head of Climate Policy and Strategy at MSCI ESG Research

David designed the transition risk and opportunity assessment methodologies and other aspects of the climate modeling approach at MSCI. He has worked with governments and corporations on managing climate change risks and previously co-founded Carbon Delta, an environmental fintech and data analytics firm. David previously worked on GHG trading issues in Europe and China, supporting large companies to transition to a low carbon economy.  

Peter V. Sheffield, Chief Sustainability Officer & VP External Affairs U.S. – Enbridge Inc

Pete is responsible for enterprise-wide public policy, sustainability strategies and reporting, community investment,  and government relations federally and across the 40 states in which the company operates. Previous to this, Pete was the  press secretary to the United States House of Representatives’  Committee on Energy and Commerce, serving as primary spokesman and senior advisor to two chairmen.


Helen Wood-Gush, Senior ESG Consultant, Responsible Investor

Helen has 15 years’ experience in sustainability, finance and investor relations. She has worked at Antofagasta plc, BG Group plc, Pearson plc, Kingfisher plc. Helen holds a postgraduate certificate (MA level) from the University of Cambridge in Sustainability Business Leadership and BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds.

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