Consideration of material climate risks in their accounts reporting looks like becoming a game changer for companies generally, and specifically in Europe. The key assumptions made by companies in preparing financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) should now be compatible with the Paris Agreement.

Guidance from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), direction from auditors and regulators, and demands from investors are changing the way that CO2 emissions will be looked at and presented in the company accounts.

In this Responsible Company webinar, find out how this is going to impact the way companies think about climate in their CapEx, planning and strategy. And what it will mean for investors and markets as a result.


Veronica Poole, Global IFRS and Corporate Reporting Leader, Deloitte Touche Tomatsu Limited

Veronica Poole is a partner and Global IFRS and Corporate Reporting Leader at Deloitte. She drives change in the accounting profession, including reporting of ESG and climate. She works to facilitate harmonisation across sustainability standard setters. Veronica lled Deloitte’s contributions to the WEF IBC Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics, which led to collaboration with the UK Directors’ Climate Forum – Chapter Zero and The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S). 

David Pitt-Watson, Leader of the Climate Accounting Project, and Fellow, Cambridge University, Judge Business School

David Pitt-Watson is a leading campaigner and practitioner in the field of responsible investment.  He was co-founder, and former CEO of Hermes Focus Funds and Equity Ownership Service, and chaired the UN Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative in the run up to the Paris Climate Conference. He was senior non-executive at KPMG and Treasurer of Oxfam. A visiting fellow at Cambridge, he advises Ownership Capital, Sarasin and Aviva. 


Hugh Wheelan, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director, Responsible Investor

Hugh Wheelan is the Co-founder and Joint Managing Director of Responsible Investor. He has written extensively on investment, corporate and sustainability issues for UK national newspapers including The Observer and The Financial Times.  He was Paris Correspondent and before that Fund Management Editor at Financial News, part of the Wall Street Journal. Awards include the respected Aon Consulting award for European Pensions and Investment Journalist of the Year in 2006.     

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