What do companies need to know?

The increasing number of ESG risks to investors alongside legislative impetus for ESG integration into investment and the development of themed sustainability strategies and products, means investors now regularly require companies to comprehensively report their ESG risks, opportunities and performance, and then discuss those factors with them via ‘investor-corporate engagement’

Investors say company ESG performance increasingly gives them insight into the quality of company management, the resilience of its products and processes, and its potential competitive advantage.

But what does investor engagement shareholder activism and stewardship actually mean? What is the business case for doing so, and what outcomes are investors really seeking? How should companies respond?

This teach-in will include an asset owner engagement case study, a review of a mainstream investment management shareholder campaign, and a hedge fund strategy.


Dr Stephen Barrie, Deputy Director, Church of England Pensions Board

Stephen is Director of the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative, and a trustee director of the Church Investors Group. Before working for the CofE he was a Fellow at the UK’s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology on the governing board of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford and holds a PhD in Philosophy from King’s College London.  

Peter van der Werf, Team Lead Engagement, Active Ownership, Robeco

Peter leads Robeco’s Engagement Program. He has challenged sustainability leadership at more than 200 global food & agri, agrochemicals and pharma companies to align their strategy with Robeco’s sustainable investing philosophy. Peter is an Advisory Committee member of PRI working groups and is active in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. He holds a Master’s in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University.

Joe Mares, Portfolio Manager, Trium Capital

Joe began his career at Morgan Stanley in 1997 focusing on energy & shipping. Moving to the buy side, he was a natural resources analyst at GLG and Moore Capital. In 2011, he joined Société Générale as a long/short equity portfolio manager. Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton.


Helen Wood-Gush, Senior ESG Consultant, Responsible Investor

Helen has 15 years’ experience in sustainability, finance and investor relations. She has worked at Antofagasta plc, BG Group plc, Pearson plc, Kingfisher plc. Helen holds a postgraduate certificate (MA level) from the University of Cambridge in Sustainability Business Leadership and BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds.

Q & Asession


Teach-in with Investors on Engagement

In this first Q&A session, our audience got their questions answered in a special 50 minute Q&A session with The Church of England Pensions Board, Robeco and Trium Capital, an ESG-focused hedge fund.

This webinar accompanies a panel presentation session called:
A Teach in with The Investor Community

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What's the business case, what outcomes are investors really seeking, and how should companies respond?

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